The Best And Worst of Impact Wrestling 3/13/14: No, I Mean The One In The Old West

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Best with a bullet: Look away, look away Dixieland

Precious and perfect. That’s what you are. The hankie bit. The look on EC3’s face at the word “supple.” Spud as baby Jesus. The tribute video. Spud in glasses. Precious and perfect.

Of course, this was not everyone’s reaction:

dicks up

Worst: MVP ruins everything

I am incredibly delighted at the idea of whackadoodle Willow against Rockstar Spud, however…

bobby lashley sucks

this is a real thing that happened

Worster Worst: Bobby Lashley??

Kurt Angle has to have a bionic leg installed and therefore was unable to wrestle, leaving EC3 without an opponent at Lockdown. Bobby Lashley, in what can only be described as an act of extreme cowardice and defiance in the face of open challenge ettiquette, attacked EC3 without provocation.

Yeah. Bobby Lashley.

This is again a good time to point out that MVP has enacted a hostile takeover because “he knows better,” inserted himself into matches despite being a corporate figurehead, and has now signed another past-his-prime (did Lashley have a prime? Realistically?) wrestler/sh*tty MMA fighter to join his other main push, a past-his-prime Samoa Joe. The old guard gets another old guard. Beach Muscles Bobby is also mean for literally no reason. He’s brand new, has no legitimate “beef” with EC3 or Spud to be validated, and is incredibly disrespectful of other people’s oversized memorial photos.

These are the “good guys.”

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