The Best And Worst Of Impact Wrestling 4/17/14: Lions And Tigers and Bros, Oh My!

By: 04.18.14  •  22 Comments

Worst: Knockouts Street Fight

The only good thing I can say about this match is that they did not refer to it as a Street Walker Fight.

Best: EC3, Life Coach

Spud and Ethan Carter III aren’t in a handicap match, they’re handicappers. EC3 ended the career of Kurt Angle, Spud is going to end Willow’s career because HE’S A LION, and they’re both going to end my career because friendship feelings.

Worst: MVP and Austin Aries

Maybe my biggest gripe against MVP is that I have carpal tunnel, and it is getting hella aggravated by all of the wanking motions I am making at this segment.

Worst: Tag Team Rut

Robbie E and Not Robbie T have been doing whatever they can to get out of defending their titles. That’s fair – I don’t like being anywhere near Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards, and I don’t even have to wrestle them. It plays to the best of the Bromans comedy abilities, but at the same time serves to portray the Wolves as serious in-ring threats. Or at least it should.

Blending comedy with technical wrestling takes a finessed approach that requires both parties to be on the same page. When executed properly, it’s the kind of thing that makes something like Chikara magical, and when it’s not, it’s Santino doing…anything. The problem with the lather, rinse, repeat feud of the Bromans and the Wolves is that their styles are so drastically different, but we don’t really see any noticeable attempt to harmonize said styles. I’ve written before how the Wolves failures to engage in the ring come from too much speed, and not enough depth or gravitas in a match. The moves are essentially meaningless (for further reading, please consult every episode of ROH TV). Taking two guys whose flaws in that area are so evident, coupling that with their severe lack of personality, and THEN putting them into an incongruous bout against two average wrestlers with above average comedic timing does not a good match make. I know that asking this of them is like asking an unsalted stick of butter to show some versatility, but you’d think with the amount they have wrestled each other in the short period of time the Wolves have been in TNA, someone would have said hey, bro, stop trying to chop me and just work with me a little.

It’s a give and take that’s just not there, and the story becomes less about contrasting styles, or Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards being big scary Otherkin or whatever, and more about highlighting their utter dysfunction.

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