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The Best and Worst of Impact Wrestling 5/29/14: Table for Six

By 05.30.14

Best: EC3-Count

Anything that puts that lovely fellow and his beautiful head of hair on my television has to be a good thing, right? ECReferThree might actually be the only bright spot in this main even, though.

Worst: Bully Ray doesn’t even know who he is anymore

The match isn’t about any actual wrestling, but Bully’s frustrations at MVP and friends lurking on the outside. But…this is his bread and butter. He used to do this all the damn time. Before the Bullet Club’s stable of gaijin aggressively took the crown, Bully Ray and his leatherdaddy friends were the kings of outside interference. He rigged matches, deceived people, and in no way did anything above board. So what is it about Eric Young now that makes Bully Ray forget who he is? Why are we supposed to accept “Eric Young is a nice guy” as a reason for anything? He hasn’t proved that he’s a nice guy. He’s a morally judgmental piece of sh-t towards Kenny King, but we all know just how much how Bully Ray loves and supports sex workers. Eric Young has been in the company forever, but Bully Ray never gave a damn when Angle had things handed to him because WWE, or when he himself had anything handed to him because WWE/ECW. Remember that time Aces & Eights smashed EY’s ankle to bits with a ballpeen hammer in front of his distraught wife? Did I miss the part where Bully Ray stopped and told everyone to ease up because hey, yo, he’s a nice guy who never made it out of the midcard so leave him alone? None of this is believable and yet the entire main event scene hinges on it.

Don’t make me be Team MVP, guys. Don’t do it.

Worst: And here comes Samoa Joe

Did…did he have to walk to Orlando? Is that where he’s been, and also why he’s so unreasonably gassed? Good thing he’s made sure to be at his most intimidating upon his return:

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