Celebrate 20 Years Of ‘This Is SportsCenter’ With The Campaign’s Funniest Commercials

By: 07.15.14

LeBron’s Office Throne

ESPN’s ad team got a break when LeBron James announced his return to Cleveland last week, because they got to bring this classic out of the archives for another spin. It was a fitting end to several weeks of SportsCenter’s “All LeBron, All the Time” programming.

Kobayashi Eats Fast

Even a professional eating champion like Takeru Kobayashi stopped by Bristol for a quick lunch, and boy do they mean quick! It’s because he was a professional competitive eater, you see. ESPN really should make a new Kobayashi commercial that features him competing in underground eating contests to mock his ban from the mainstream events.

Hip, Hip Jorge!

So simple and yet so funny. Jorge Posada would end up being the star of not one, but two of the best “This is SportsCenter” spots, although he was third fiddle to the stars of his other commercial.

David Ortiz is a Yankee

Poor Wally. Although, I’m relieved that Sox fans didn’t eventually hang Wally from the Green Monster for taking part in something that featured such an offense as a Red Sox player wearing a Yankees cap. There’s no room for humor in the most intense rivalry in all of sports.

The Manning Family Vacation

It’s always nice to see a family of star athletes stop taking everything so seriously and have a little fun for once, even if we all basically know that Peyton Manning actually wants to repeatedly stab Eli in the hands for having more Super Bowl rings than he does.

Michael Phelps is Dumb

It’s funny because Michael Phelps is always swimming and therefore wet, but a better commercial might have been Phelps sitting on the kitchen floor raiding everyone’s snack packs with a group of other stoner athletes like Ricky Williams and Rasheed Wallace.

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