Here Are Babies Doing Football Things To Get You JACKED UP For The Season

By: 08.14.15
football babies


Can you feel it? Football is upon us, from the piercing yell of a Telemundo call to that slight chill the air gets when the calendar turns to August, even though it’s still hot as blazes most of the time. The season is right around the corner, finally, and all the work we put in, the sacrificing, the toiling of watching sports that we like but don’t really like that much, and going to weddings, and spending time doing work around the house is finally going to pay off.

We are getting the sport that we put all our energy into even when our team is not even sniffing a bowl or the playoffs back. And nothing’s going to stop us now. Take it away, Starship.

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But we can’t just roll right into football season without getting ready. We need a preseason too. And that means reading as much as we possibly can to get as hyped as humanly possible. Depth charts, rankings, lists, analysis, previews, camp reports, hell, even highlight videos. Every piece of content must be devoured as if we are a parasitic alien hell bent on using up every natural resource on a planet and moving on across the galaxy until there is nothing left but darkness and carbon.

Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. Here are 15 pictures of babies doing football stuff that are sure to get you completely jacked up for the season. Football’s almost here, folks. Hold onto your butts.

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