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Inverness Caledonian Thistle is a Scottish soccer club (with a catchy name!) that had hopes to compete in next season's Intertoto Cup, which is kind of the NIT of the European soccer world.  However, Inverness are withdrawing their application for the tourney.  Why?  Because of Elton Fuckin John, that's why.

The singer will play a concert at the club's Caledonian Stadium on 15 July, a date that clashes with the second round of the tournament.

And director of football Graeme Bennett said: "We're withdrawing our interest in the Intertoto Cup. "The cup dates clash with an Elton John concert at the stadium, which would've been a big issue."

Whoa.  That must mean Elton John fans would have been sufficiently upset about the possible concert cancellation to put together some kind of protest.  I had no idea gay people were capable of actual protests.  I thought they just hid in Manhattan and San Francisco, where they occasionally march in parades.  Ya learn something new every day.

Thanks to The Offside, which also recognizes that "Benny and the Jets" and "Crocodile Rock" are absolute pieces of shit. 

SITE NEWS!  Starting shortly, WL's team of science-chimps should put the site's new commenting feature into effect.  I don't know if it's just the Beta version, or if it's gonna be awesome or what, but pretty soon you can have an avatar that will represent your commenting wit, and I think basic HTML code will actually work in the comments.  At least, that's one of the functions I requested.  The chimpanzees aren't real great about giving me feedback.  It's 'cause they're union.

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