English Bulldogs!

02.11.11 7 years ago 6 Comments

I know this isn’t sports-related at all, but I don’t care. Just like Warming Glow has Corgi Fridays, I’m going to use the start of the weekend as an excuse to post something with animals. This probably won’t be a recurring thing, because I don’t want to blatantly copy Corgi Friday, but I think it would work as a one-time thing.

The English bulldog puppy, my favorite kind of baby canine, is a funny little bag of wrinkles with stubby little legs that can’t always support the weight when they’re young, causing them to flop around and make me pass out due to its adorable factor. Join me in the celebration and enjoyment of these bundles of joy after the jump.

The guy in that last video is totally getting laid from that puppy.

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