Your Guide To The Five UFC Fights You Actually Need To Watch This Weekend

11.18.16 11 months ago

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Possibly in an effort to break the spirits of anyone foolish enough to cover this sport for a living, the UFC has decided to follow up last weekend’s historical UFC 205 event with not one, but *two* Fight Night cards this Saturday: Fight Night 99 in Belfast, Ireland and Fight Night 100 in Sao Paulo, Brazil. That’s right, it’s a doubleheader of destruction! A twofold of testosterone! A binary beat-I’m already exhausted.

The UFC’s booking of back-to-back cards leaves fight fans with a lot of options in terms of where to tune in and when, which can create a bit of a dilemma for those of us who prefer not to spend an entire Saturday switching between Fox Sports 1 and UFC Fight Pass to catch mostly inconsequential fights between largely unknown competitors. Lucky for you, we’re here to offer a definitive guide of which fights to catch this weekend and where. YOU’RE WELCOME.

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