John Daly Hit A Golf Ball Out Of A Guy’s Mouth In A Crowded Parking Lot

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John Daly in a parking lot

It’s hardly news that professional golfer and guy who made passing out in a Hooters his lasting legacy John Daly was hanging out with a bunch of bros in a parking lot, when he agreed to hit a golf ball out of a guy’s mouth. After all, it feels like he already does that at least once a month, so this is just business as usual for everybody’s denim-collared long driver.

But every time he does this or something like it, I’m still amazed because it’s so incredibly dangerous and I love my teeth so much. On top of my hefty childhood orthodontics bill, this stunt also took place in a very packed parking lot, and I also have a strong appreciation for my car windows. I guess what I’m saying is that I hope Daly and fedora bro gave everyone a heads up to move their cars first.

Also, nobody leaves fedora bro hanging. That’s just bad form.


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