Kevin Love Has Been Traded To Cleveland: Are You Ready To Accept The Cavs As Your New Overlords?

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08.07.14 33 Comments
Kevin Love traded

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The Cleveland Cavaliers have acquired Kevin Love in exchange for Andrew Wiggins, Anthony Bennett and a first round pick according to Yahoo’s Adrian Wojnarowski. The deal also includes an agreement ensuring Love stays with the Cavs long term (a rumored 5-year, $120 million contract extension).

And now, a reaction from an NBA GM.

I can’t get the LeBron “not one, not two, not three” sound clip out of my head. With Love entrenched as the stretch 4, it’s hard not to see this team running a train on the NBA for the next half decade. And that’s a damn shame, really. The Cavs were given every opportunity to succeed sans LeBron James. They were given first pick after first pick, year after year. They were building a team from the ground up with Kyrie Irving as its base. And then LeBron swooped in and started a dynasty, the absolute worst thing for the NBA and its fans. Because, trust me, dynasties aren’t fun for everyone else. Dynasties are fun for the 95% of us who care about the NBA as a league and not just “bandwagon LeBron lovers.”

Sorry, I’m ranting. I’m a Pistons fan who just got sh*t on. I’m a Pistons fan who basically had his heart ripped out. I hate everything. Goodbye.

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