Lunchtime Links, Starring Fat Asian Chick Eating Something In A Flood

04.22.10 7 years ago 7 Comments

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  • Lady Gaga lets it all hang out. Fresh…respected.

    The Smoking Section.

  • It’s official. There are just too many GD pet products out there.


  • The worst dads in sports.

    Bleacher Report.

  • Why to wives and girlfriends in literature always have to be such pains in the ass?


  • An anthology of great sports nicknames.

    Sports Pickle.

  • Leave it to Cartoon Network to find a way to get me watching the NBA again.

    Sportress of Blogitude.

  • Throwback jerseys for the Chicago Bears are boring. So of course, they’re getting great reviews.

    Shutdown Corner.

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