04.12.07 11 years ago 12 Comments

Peyton Manning and Tom Brady had a romantic evening of sushi and sake a day after the star quarterbacks both caught the Red Sox home opener, with Manning picking up the tab on his (surprise!) Mastercard.  In fact, The Track has a creepily detailed account of the night.

The big boys, we’re told, chowed down on black cod with miso, toro tartare, hamachi with elephant garlic and lots and lots of Kobe beef maki. Which isn’t so surprising since good ol’ boy Peyton doesn’t seem like a raw fish kinda guy – unlike Tom, the Cali-bred, supermodel-dating metrosexual!… The Japanese spread was all washed down with many shots of Otokoyama Daiginjo saki [sic]…

Um, hello?  Can't a fan get some details?  Do we not get a report on the size of their bowel movements afterwards?  Was there no intense love-making?  And here I was, thinking that Boston sports stars lived under a microscope.

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