Power Rankings: Ebony And Ivory

02.18.11 7 years ago 4 Comments

When other sites do power rankings, they’re pointless and ridiculous. When we get around to Power Rankings, they kick so much ass.

1. The SI Swimsuit Issue. If you missed my interview with Alyssa Miller earlier this week, you can read it here and see all of the models here.

2. Dead horses in England. Two racehorses died suddenly in the UK last weekend in a parade ring. Authorities suspect an underground electrical current. I suspect airborne horse AIDS.

3. The draft stock of Cam Newton. Despite what I think of him, some NFL personnel people have him No. 1 on their boards, and ESPN’s Todd McShay has him tenth. I’m not saying he won’t be great. I’m just saying that there’s plenty of room for debate.

4. The Washington City Paper Legal Defense Fund. If you hate Dan Snyder and have a few bucks to put toward his demise, this might be worth your time.

5. The end of H-O-R-S-E at NBA All-Star Weekend. I personally think it’s pointless if you don’t give the original shooter a letter if everyone behind him makes the same shot. You’ll just have to settle for basketball’s biggest names jogging downcourt on defense.

6. Bacon. Did you know you can get a bacon donut just off the campus of Southern Cal? My opinion of the Pac-10 has just skyrocketed.

7. The drunkenness of Charlie Sheen. If you missed his impromptu appearance on ‘The Dan Patrick Show”, you can listen to the whole thing here. And honestly, a coke-and-whores addiction isn’t nearly as bizarre as a grown man teaching himself to hit lefty.

8. Bill Simmons. Sounds like the Sports Guy is building his own little Deadspin, circa 2005 (i.e.: before the days of dong). Independent branding? Check. Great writers? Check. Limited commenter base? Got that, too.

9. Boob Doubling. Katy Mixon talks about about our favorite scene ever from “Eastbound & Down”. Consider it a two-fer.

10. NASCAR. Between thermal cams at Daytona this weekend and the addition of Travis Pastrama, they’ll win the casual fanbase back in no time.

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