Power Rankings: On Blocks

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When other sites down power rankings, they’re pointless and stupid. When we do Power Rankings, they kick so much ass, even in slideshow format.

Sometimes you make it in life and sometimes you miss, and sometimes the ball just sits on the damn block, taunting your efforts. But you did it; you made it through another week. Check your watch. It’ll be beer thirty any minute. In the meantime, we have a handful of videos, images and anecdotes to help you finish out your day. Weekend Picks will pop up tomorrow. You know, on the weekend. Hope to see you then.
Thanks, Michael, for the heads-up on this clip.

New York Jets linebacker Bart Scott was on TNA the other night, duking it out with Kurt Angle. It’s true! It’s true! Skip to the 12:00 mark to see Scott fall short of yet another championship.
The ECHL’s Bakersfield Condors, a minor league hockey team in California, is sponsoring “Charlie Sheen Night.” The gist: any fan presenting a clean drug test gets in free, dressing as Charlie Sheen gets you in for two-and-a-half dollars (get it?), and if you happen to bring $2 million with you to the game–roughly Sheen’s per-episode fee–you can buy the team.
The game in question is on March 12, which seems like forever from now. We’ll see who’s still talking about “winning” and “tiger blood” and “F-18” stuff on Monday. <a href=”http://sports.yahoo.com/nhl/blog/puck_daddy/post/Minor-League-Malarkey-Charlie-Sheen-Night-all?urn=nhl-329428&#8243;>More at Puck Daddy.
The Cleveland Cavaliers are having one of the worst seasons in NBA history, but like the title-less LeBron James before, results haven’t gotten in the way of a good boasting. Cavs guard Daniel Gibson touched off a Twitter spat when he called himself the new king of Cleveland, drawing an ire-some retort from James.
How did his new highness fare against the Spurs on Wednesday night? He sat out with a quad injury and the Cavs lost by ten. That’s a smooth transition of “power,” right there. Idiots.

Is this the world’s first 8-bit drinking game? Somebody put a Breathalyzer into a Nintendo cartridge and literally made a game out of it. Great, another video game that I can play horribly. I’m sorry Mario, but your designated driver is in another castle.
When Afifi took his car in for an oil change, one of the mechanics found a GPS bug attached to the car with magnets. He took pictures of the device and posted them online. Two days later, the FBI showed up at his door and, in the words of one report, “demanded their property back.” Now the Californian, who makes regular visits to Egypt to visit family, is suing the government with help from the Council on American-Islamic Relations.
Nothing to do with sports, but it’s news you could use if you might be overdue for an oil change. Or under illegal surveillance from the feds. More at Reason.

The man behind Quickish gave a great interview to Choire Sicha at The Awl earlier this week. If you’re not stopping by the site at least once a day, you’re missing out. He’s also co-hosting a party at SXSW next weekend. You should totally go!
Down in front! Jeez, that almost makes me like Duke. Almost…
Chocolate bacon received rave reviews at the strawberry festival in Plant City, Florida. Really? Isn’t that compounding too many exclusive elements? Why stop there? Just roll it in ice cream and slap it on ciabotta bread. Stop meddling with greatness, you Plant City bastards!

Season 2 has been great so far. Here‘s an interview with show creator Adam Reed. I really do hope we see Pam’s dolphin again.

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