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Dolphins running back Ricky Williams — who has failed four drug tests during his NFL career, resulting in one early retirement and more missed games than I can count — admitted to reporters that he thought about smoking pot during the Dolphins bye week.

“There was definitely an urge. But I just thought about what I have to lose and it was easy. The urge didn’t last very long.”  Williams said he successfully combated the urge to smoke by meditating instead.

”I’ve done a lot of work at understanding myself a little bit more,” Williams said. “So I recognize [the urge] was just a result of the feeling of being free, and I was just trying to maximize it. And I realize that I really enjoy meditating and when I can go home and sit in my room and meditate, I can get the same feeling.”

Maybe he can get the same feeling from meditating, but he can’t try to pretend that burritos taste just as good or that Aqua Teen Hunger Force is just as funny.

[The Slanch Report]

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