12.18.09 8 years ago

Saint Andrew’s Net is With Leather’s daily pile of linkage goodness. Remember kids: Santa flies around the world in a sleigh with reindeer. He doesn’t drive your neighborhood in a van with candy.

  • Mariah Carey will stuff your stocking this christmas in the NBA promotion. That is, after she’s done stuffing her face. She still looks good, especially here.

    That NBA Lottery Pick.

  • Not everyone treated the death of Chris Henry with the same garden-variety reverence that you saw in other media outlets.

    Gally Blog, KSK.

  • Tiger Woods is your 2009 Sports Human of the Year.


  • The Mets aren’t exactly making that big splash in free agency for which their fans were hoping.

    Rumors & Rants.

  • Emily Scott has back problems. I said something nasty to her and now she won’t come back.


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