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Predictions about who will be coaching where are generally absent-minded and not really entertaining, but the Washington Danielskins’ firing of Jim Zorn opens up a bevy of speculation, or perhaps even a plethora, but not quite a myriad of speculation as to whom will replace him. There seems to be one early favorite for the job; the smart money is on Mike Shanahan coming off his one-year hiatus and taking the reins in The District.

Adam Schefter, who ghostwrote Shanahan’s 1999 autobiography, Think Like A Champion, says that Shanahan has interest in the job, as Snyder allegedly tried to hire him in the middle of the season. But Charley Casserly says that Shanahan is already assembling his staff. Granted, that’s from a Washington Examiner report without citations, quotes, or apparently SpellCheck. I know. I should talk.

Whoever follows Zorn will be the seventh coach hired by the Redskins since Snyder bought the team in 1999. Snyder has interviewed assistant coach Jerry Gray for the job, according to the Fritz Pollard Alliance, which monitors minority hiring in the NFL.

Gray’s interview was an effort to comply with the Rooney Rule, which requires teams to consider a minority candidate for its head-coach position. With the Rooney Rule satisfied, the Redskins are free to act quickly to hire a replacement for Zorn. –Schefter, ESPN.

So all we know is that the Redskins will not be hiring Jerry Gray. Good to know.

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