04.13.08 9 years ago 2 Comments

I think I remember seeing this on Tuesday Night Live right after "The Big-Ear Family":

My grandma gave us corned beef, but I guess that doesn't work as good for a description of a grand slam as salami does. I prefer corned beef to salami, but I'm Irish. What's not to like though? Hibernian butchers discovered long ago that they could make one of the worst cuts of meat palatable by soaking it in brine – mmm, good.  Oh yeah, the Mariners beat the Angels yesterday. Richie Sexson knocked in the game-winning RBI on a 2-run homer, and thinks he's going to have a big season:

“If I feel the way I feel right now all season, I’m going to have a big year,” said the slugger, who is making $14 million this season. “My bat is as quick as it’s ever been.”

I'm not laughing because Sexson hit .205 with 21 HRs last year, I'm laughing because Seattle is a funny word. -KD

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