That Parks And Rec Joke About Taiwanese Animation Has Come Full Circle

01.20.12 6 years ago

An an episode from last year’s third season of ‘Parks And Recreation’ (the best show on TV, if you aren’t into making gifs), Leslie Knope is told that she’s organized Pawnee’s upcoming Harvest Festival on the site of an ancient Wamapoke Indian burial ground, and that unless she moves it, the festival will be cursed. Wamapoke tribe leader John Redcorn Ken Hotate goes on local TV show Ya Heard? With Perd! to spread the news of the curse and brings an animated video in the style of Next Media Animation’s batsh*t insane Taiwanese news recaps to illustrate his point.

Fast forward to two days ago when Parks And Rec star Rob Lowe (of all the people in the world) broke the story of Indianapolis Colts quarterback Peyton Manning’s impending retirement, citing “pretty darn good sources”. The story might not be true, but a butterfly flapped its wings on Twitter and caused a tidal wave to hit Taiwan, and now the goofy animation news team parodied on Parks And Recreation are making a goofy animated news piece about someone Parks And Recreation reporting news.

Hold on, my Internet is broken.

Taiwan’s attempt to rationalize the Indianapolis Colts’ futility with horse punching and lightning bolts is below.

Despite my ongoing obsession with Taiwanese animation, Kissing Suzy Kolber actually got to this one first, so I’ve got to give them a hat tip. I am also now encouraged to burn Big Daddy Drew, Captain Caveman and Unsilent Majority at the stake. Thanks, Taiwan!

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