These Dolphins Fans Are Not Taking The Players’ Protests Well

In the future, it will be written that September 2016 was the month of “Kaepernick Anthem Takes,” With many athletes taking the lead of the San Fransico 49ers quarterback and not standing for the national anthem in protest of social injustices against African-Americans, your social media feed at any time throughout the day is guaranteed to be filled with an overdose of Kaepernick-‘Merica hot takes. They’re unavoidable, like Fan Duel commercials or Kevin Hart.

Most have taken it in stride, however. Most have respectfully, and maturely, explained their side of the argument like grown adults. Apparently not filed not under most, Miami Dolphins fans. They’re burning sh** and stomping their feet.

A tweet posted to WPLG Channel 10 (Miami) news reporter Derek Shore’s account shows a group of Dolphins fans definitely doing the opposite of tweeting through it. The video shows the group surrounding a bonfire, throwing Miami Dolphins shirts into the center. While this might be an annual event for Dolphins fans that have seen their team win just one playoff game since 2001, this time, it is in response to four of the team’s players refusing to stand for the pregame anthem against the Seattle Seahawks this past Sunday.

One fan can be heard saying “I tell you what until they stand up for America, I’m not watching.” Another woman chimes in “The country they’re (Miami Dolphins players) are privileged to live in.”

Certainly, this will solve everything.

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