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01.13.11 14 Comments

It’s been a rough week for America, what with that stuff that we won’t talk about right now (Duke losing, of course) and it always helps to have something inspirational fall into our laps. And while my greatest inspiration, Rachel Bilson, has yet to fall into my lap, we were lucky enough to stumble across this video of 8-year old Elizabeth Hughes performing the National Anthem at a Norfolk Admirals hockey game on January 7.

As Elizabeth was nailing it – just crushing that Star Spangled Banner – her mic cut out, leaving her tiny-yet-powerful voice without the benefit of amplification. That’s when the crowd collectively shouted, “To heck with your faulty sound system! To heck, we say!” and they lifted Elizabeth up with their voices and gave a giant middle finger to this country’s enemies.

Strap a cassette player to your leg and fly a jet into your heart, video after the jump…

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Side note: The video’s uploader posted that this took place on January 7, 2010, but since I’ve already written three checks (non-bouncy, thankyouverynmuch) this year with 2010 on them, I’m going to assume it was from last week. And if Norfolk ever gets Internet access maybe we can verify this.

And for those of you not inconvenienced by the arduous task of clicking a mouse, I’ve added some more great moments in sports National Anthems…

Page 2

This was technically at a graduation, but it took place on a field, so *points to crotch*.

Page 3

Michael Bolton’s just the best.

Page 4

If you haven’t seen this video of Mo Cheeks helping a girl sing the National Anthem, then we just can’t be friends. PS – After he did this he could have slayed any woman in that arena, right? Am I wrong to assume that the dancers should have serviced him on the spot?

Page 5

Who the hell is Kat DeLuna and why is she butchering my National Anthem?

Page 6

A high school’s faculty and students just murder the Star Spangled Banner. If this were Iran they would have been flogged in a public square.

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