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UPDATE: Highest bid for Jenna was $275. Pfft. There are 14-year-old girls in Myanmar that make more in a week’s time.

Unnotable American triathlete Jenna Shoemaker pulled a Sarah Spain earlier this week, auctioning off a chance for Little Ol’ You to take her out to dinner. Because there’s nothing a man loves more than spending money for the right to buy a woman dinner with no chance of sex.

the California-born Shoemaker’s offering a dinner “at a restaurant mutually agreed upon” lasting 2.5 hours (precise, these triathletes) and an autographed race kit worn during her 2009 season.

By way of explanation, Shoemaker said she was “advised to get a job this fall so that come January I will be able to train full time without worrying about money.” via.

The eBay auction page goes as far as to call it a “date.”

Date includes dinner, at a restaurant mutually agreed upon, and the chance to sit down and chat with a Harvard grad and World class athlete. Jenna will also provide the winner with an autographed race kit worn during her 2009 season. A portion of the proceeds will go to help fight breast cancer.

Sounds, uh, wonderful…and then there’s the fine print at the end.

Don’t miss your chance to get to know one of America’s top ranked ITU triathletes and Olympic hopeful for 2012!

** Payment must be made before 6:30pm Thursday 9/24**

**Winner can come alone or bring 1 guest**

**Jenna reserves the right to end the evening at any point ** via.

This is a good, if unspectacular example of what not to do with social media. It’s crass and off-putting, but most of all, it’s arrogant. I went to Harvard! Who WOULDN’T want to have dinner with me? Uh, everyone.

Jenna attempts to explain herself on her blog:

First, despite being ranked in the top 50 in the world and finishing 2nd at the National Championships and Pan American Championships in 2009, I am still struggling to make enough money to live. It’s really hard to sit and watch pro football and baseball players and know that what I do is no easier or different than what they do, we are both world class athletes, but I don’t have a multi-million dollar contract to fall back on, especially in time of injury.

Wah! Peyton Manning makes more money than I do!

Second, by auctioning off the dinner, I’m hopefully giving a fan or follower of the sport a chance to get to spend some quality time with me that they otherwise would probably not get the opportunity to have. via.

Because YOU’RE SO BUSY doing commercials for Sprint, Oreo, Wheaties, DirecTV, and MasterCard? No wait, I’m thinking of somebody else. This is just a failure in every way. But hey, nice abs.

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