Viva Los Braaaaaaaains: Mexico’s ‘Zombie Walk’ Shatters The World Record

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Black Friday claims more victims.


Last year, 4,093 people gathered in New Jersey’s Asbury Park to set the world record for the most people dressed like zombies in one place. Not surprisingly, a group of Mexicans broke that record this weekend, more efficiently and for less money, I assume. What the hell has happened to my America? More than 10,000 zombies got together in Mexico City on Saturday, which is also bad news for a recent gathering in Australia of 8,000+ zombie lovers. Let’s face it – when it comes to dressing up like zombies and standing around for no reason other than a love of moaning, Mexico is the best.

But these gatherings are pretty common these days – there was one down the street from me in Orlando just a few months ago – and they’ve left me wondering about a rather important issue. I’m a huge fan of zombie movies and literature, so the idea that there could be a zombie apocalypse exists in my mind. So if all these people are stumbling around at a snail’s pace and moaning, and they’re covered in blood and gashes, would I get in trouble if I started hitting them with shovels?

I mean, “Sorry your honor, but I really thought they were the undead bringers of the apocalypse and I wasn’t going down without a fight” would have to hold up in court, right? Someone needs to look into that.

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