What Do You Call A College Wrestler With One Leg? Champ

Arizona State wrestler Anthony Robles might always be known as “that one wrestler with one leg.” But as of this past weekend, he’ll have an additional moniker: Champ. Robles, who was born without a right leg, took down the 125-pound title at the NCAA’s national wrestling championships.

Robles won state high-school championships, then a national one. Ignored by many big wrestling colleges, he had gone to nearby Arizona State, where he’d become an All-American and win three Pac-10 titles…The stories of Robles’s training took on a mythical quality—charging up hills with his Sun Devils teammates, bench-pressing 305 pounds, a 125-pound wrestler with upper-body power sculpted by a lifetime on crutches. ESPN swooned.


ESPN actually aired Robles’s title match live, beating last year’s 125-pound champ, Matt McDonough of Iowa, by a 7-1 score. That’s pretty cool. I want to buy him one of those wrestling belts with the spinning WWE logo now. Hey, it’s the least I could do with two functioning legs.

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