With Leather's Watch This: Zack Wheeler Probably Smells Like Beer

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Despite Bob Costas’ best efforts to kill all baseball fun in the name of saving our society for future generations, the New York Mets had two reasons to be very excited during their doubleheader wins over the Atlanta Braves on Tuesday. In the first game, phenom Matt Harvey finally got some run support from his teammates as he earned his sixth win of the season while striking out 13.

But that’s already expected from Harvey, so the real joy came after his fellow rookie pitcher Zack Wheeler took the mound in the second game. Wheeler pitched six scoreless innings while striking out seven, as the Mets won 6-1 in his big league debut. And perhaps drunk off the joy of knowing that Harvey and Wheeler will be at the front of the rotation for at least a few years, the Mets gave Wheeler one hell of a postgame beer bath.

Meaningless Women’s Soccer

U.S. vs. South Korea – 7:30 PM ET on NBC Sports

As much as I joke about how nobody watches NBC Sports, it makes me want to watch that network even less knowing that Mike Florio is out there talking sh*t to NFL mascots on Twitter and bragging about his pageviews. In fact, if I were Darren Rovell – I’d take his paycheck, but he can keep everything else – any time people gave me crap on Twitter, I’d be like, “Hey, at least I’m not Florio.” It’d be hard to argue that.

College World Series

UNC vs. NC State – 8 PM ET on ESPN

Oh snap, rivalries and whatnot! I bet everyone tunes into this game and never changes the channel.


Cubs at Cardinals – 8 PM ET on WGN

The Cardinals still have the best record in baseball, but their starting pitching has been shaky against the Marlins and Cubs, of all teams. That has led to rumors that they could try to trade for Cliff Lee. Let me see if I have a GIF that properly addresses that.

Computer Smack

NBA Finals

Game 7: Spurs at Heat – 9 PM ET on ABC

It’s funny, after Game 6 there were so many people talking about how there’s no way the NBA could be rigged, because there’s no way to let the Heat just kill a 5-point lead with less than 30 seconds and you can’t fake Ray Allen hitting a dagger three. And yes, I agree with all of that. But you can still fix a million other things that make sure that certain teams end up in certain places. Y’all ain’t ever gonna convince me David Stern ain’t want certain teams and players to win.

Also, I’ve got the Heat by 27 tonight and it won’t ever be close or entertaining. They might as well get LMFAO to their seats now to start celebrating.

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