WWE Raw Open Discussion Thread: What Will Jericho Do Next?

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01.09.12 668 Comments


Last week’s Best And Worst Of WWE Raw Open Discussion Thread went beautifully, with well over 250 comments and 49.2% of you correctly predicting that Chris Jericho would make his return as the mysterious It Begins guy. The only problem is that it was … uh, weird, to say the least.

haters-gonna-hate-Chris-JerichoSo this week, we’re continuing the Polls of Jericho by asking you what he’ll do next. That’ll be our topic of discussion heading into tonight’s show. If you’re the hopeful type (like me) you’ll vote one way … if you’re the type who reads house show results and decides that means they’re gonna do it on TV, you might vote another. Regardless, we want to hear what you think, and remember: the ten best comments from the open thread get super special gold star commemoration in tomorrow’s Best And Worst Of Raw report. And that’s something, right?

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uh huh huh OH MY

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