The Winners And Losers Of Major League Baseball’s Photo Day(s)

By | 11 Comments

As Major League Baseball teams have begun training, they've also been taking time out for photo day, and the results are mostly humorous.


April Fools Day Was Really, Really Lame

By | 2 Comments

If you're over the age of zero, you probably realize that April Fools Day is a stupid idea that is somehow a million times worse in execution.


Wilson Betemit Destroys God

By | 2 Comments

Alternate title: e'ouch Before you can even type "Albert Pujols out 4-6 weeks following wrist injury", the Internet has turned itself inside out reacting to Kansas City Royal Wilson Betemit's Flash-on-Anti-Monitor run into Albert's glove, showing us that the world's most powerful living entity can feel pain, and that when he feels it, he does a weird little hop to show it.

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