Pet Adoption

The Wisconsin Humane Society Came Up With The Perfect Way To Get More Of Its Cats Adopted

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What sort of soulless monster wouldn't adopt a kitten named Professor PuddinPop, we ask?!

urban farming

Hipster ‘Urban Farmers’ Are Responsible For Homeless Chickens Across The United States

By | 12 Comments

Calling themselves "urban farmers", hipsters throughout the U.S. are responsible for the increased homelessness of chickens intended for egg-laying.


Which Puppy Tale Is The Most Moving?


We’re going to play a little game today at the Uproxx News Headquarters of Awesomeness.


Just How Fat Is Your Pet Gonna Get?


The Association for Pet Obesity Prevention and Banfield Pet Hospital teamed up for a national survey involving our beloved pet dogs and cats, and the results were quite shocking.

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