A Photographer Is Dressing Up Rescue Dogs In Silly Outfits To Help Get Them Adopted

No matter how often we heard the phrase, “adopt, don’t shop,” animal shelters still struggle with getting people to take home adoptable rescue animals. Arkansas-based photographer Tammy Swarek has been working on a unique project to help find forever homes for rescue dogs in need, and it involves dressing them up in festive outfits to showcase the unique personality of each dog, to draw attention to their stories and ideally help potential owners to connect with them.

“I wanted somebody to see that picture of that dog, and have some type of connection with it that they wouldn’t ordinarily have just by seeing it shut in a cage,” Swarek told Barcroft TV. “I think Tammy’s project has been an amazing asset to our shelter, to the perception of the rescue dog, because it’s like from rags to riches,” said Tanya Jackson, shelter manager for the Union County Animal Protection Society. “I mean you see it, they’re like superstars in these pictures!”

And it worked! After showcasing Swarek’s photos of the dogs, adoption applications shot through the roof. Yet Swarek says she’s still amazed at how much the dogs actually seem to enjoy being dressed up. “They thoroughly enjoy the one-on-one attention, have a total blast, and we have dogs that don’t want to have the clothes come off.” Sure beats sitting around in a cage, that’s for sure.

(Via Tastefully Offensive)