Dad Builds Complete 737 Flight Simulator In His Son's Room

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Laurent Aigon spent five years building his son a flight simulator... with no pilot training or engineering knowledge.


Come With This Life-Sized Lego Terminator If You Want To Live


There's no fate but what the Lego Terminator makes.


‘Batman: Arkham Origins’ Gets A Trailer For Its Trailer

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'Batman: Arkham Origins' will have a trailer debuting next week. Here's a trailer for it!


Toddler Survival Horror Game ‘Among The Sleep’ Goes To Kickstarter

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'Among The Sleep' is survival horror with a toddler protagonist. But it won't come together without your help.

#Star Wars

Course Of The Force Relays A Lightsaber To San Diego Comic-Con


Course of the Force returns to raise more money for the Make-A-Wish foundation, and also to give us another excuse to bust out the Twi'lek costume.


Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos May Have Found Apollo 11’s Rocket Engines


The engines that took us to the moon might just have been discovered, thanks to Jeff Bezos.

#Star Trek

The Phaser Has Officially Been Invented. Sadly No Redshirts Were Killed.

By | 3 Comments

The phaser is officially real, albeit not quite what we were expecting.


24Hz Sound Wave + Video + Water = Insane Optical Illusion

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Brusspup strikes again with an amazing optical illusion.


Science Makes The Spider-Sense A Reality

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A computer science nerd just built a suit that gives you Spider-Man's spider-sense. But it's more than just awesome cosplay: It may help save lives.


'Presidential Monsters' Turns Historical Figures Into Actual Nightmares

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'Presidential Monsters' is a toy line, not a Chuck Palahniuk novel. And it's a pretty funny toy line.


'Big Ass Spider!' Is The Sensitive Drama It Sounds Like

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'Big Ass Spider' brings giant arachnids back to the screen, where they belong.


The U.S. Military Is Officially Installing Laser Weapons Into Fighter Jets

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DARPA is building a laser weapon. OK, so that's not a surprise, but what is a surprise is that it could be in the air by the end of the year.


An Astronaut Has The Best Twitter Response To William Shatner Ever

By | 24 Comments

Commander Chris Hadfield is on Twitter while in space... and he has something to say to William Shatner.

holy crap

Here’s The Creepiest/Greatest Ad For An Air Conditioner You’ve Ever Seen


Love it or hate it, you are never going to forget this ad.


Doctor Sonic Has A New Take On Your Favorite Marvel Characters

By | 5 Comments

Doctor Sonic may not be a doctor. But definitely a brilliant artist.

tractor beam

Science Builds A Tractor Beam. Well, Kinda.


This tractor beam won't pull Ferengi ships into Uranus, but it is really neat.

wolverine powers

Science Researching Your Bladder’s Wolverine-Like Healing Factor


Sorry, your liver is not like Wolverine. Only your bladder is.


How Microbes Will Let Us Explore Other Planets


Turns out microbes are useful little guys!

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