Celebrate The 30th Anniversary Of ‘Ghostbusters’ With This Very Important LEGO Announcement

For those unfamiliar with it, the LEGO CUUSOO project allows us regular Joes to dream up our wildest LEGO creations and pitch them to the entire LEGO-loving community for approval. Once a design gets 10,000 votes of approval, the people at LEGO have to consider it – much like the White House has to consider my petition to protect The Last Dragon from ever being made if it gets 99,998 more signatures – and four times a year, the LEGO Review Board reps announce which of the projects that they’ve reviewed will actually be put into production.

So why is any of this information important to us? Because the LEGO Review Board announced the fall 2013 winning design, and it’s a special 30th anniversary tribute to Ghostbusters, which first hit theaters on June 7, 1984. There were actually two Ghostbusters projects this year, but the 30th anniversary design by Brett Waller, who is no stranger to awesome LEGO designs, ultimately took the cake.

The only bad news about this is that, as Gizmodo points out, Waller’s design only features the four characters, Slimer and the Ecto-1, and not the actual Ghostbusters fire station headquarters. How the hell am I supposed to pretend, I mean how the hell is my nephew supposed to pretend that Walter Peck just ordered a city worker to shut the containment unit down and caused all of the ghosts to escape back into New York City? I guess I’ll just have to use a shoe box, I mean… whatever, I love LEGOs.

Oh, and not to overshadow what an awesome achievement this is for Waller, but A F*CKING LEGEND OF ZELDA LEGO SET?!?!?!!?!

I swear on everything I own, LEGO, if you don’t make this happen, I will never write a nice thing about your awesome toys again.