Bradley Cooper Was The Best Bowler At Lars Ulrich’s Bachelor Party. Wait, What?

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Mike Judge threw a bachelor party for Lars Ulrich and Gandalf was there. Seriously.

#Bros Being Bros

One Man’s Awesome Friends Turned Him Into Rambo For An Amazing Bachelor Party

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Instead of the same old booze-fueled bachelor party, a man's amazing group of friends let him play John Rambo for a day.


The Dildo In Your Friend’s Bag At Airport Security Prank Never Gets Old

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This guy's friend planted a dildo in his bag before they took off for his bachelor party, hilarity ensues.

#bill murray

Watch Bill Murray Crash Some Random Dude’s Bachelor Party And Give An Incredible Speech

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Bill Murray should always give drunk speeches at random bachelor parties.


Bachelor Party Bungee Jump Prank


After two hours of drinking blindfolded at his bachelor party, a Norwegian groom's friends convince him to face his fear of heights and bungee jump "off an old bridge.



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According to Variety, Warner Bros paid $2 million dollars for Hangover, a spec script that Todd "I'm here for the gangbang" Phillips (Roadtrip, Old School) will produce and direct.

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