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Here’s A Sneak Peek At Tonight’s Ray Rice-Themed ‘SVU’ Episode

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Tonight's episode of SVU is about athletes and domestic abuse. Prepare yourself for some really horrendous acting.

#Ray Rice

This Is The Only Thing You Need To See From Ravens Owner Steve Bisciotti’s Press Conference

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Trust me, this is the only thing you need to see from the Ravens press conference on Monday afternoon.


Look At How Many People Showed Up To Turn In Their Ray Rice Jersey Today

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Apparently everyone in the state of Maryland owned a Ray Rice jersey.


Steve Smith Has Some Interesting Thoughts About Sex In An Elevator

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In which Steve Smith talks about having sex with his wife in an elevator.

#Ray Rice

The Foul-Mouthed Ladies Of The Legends Football League Want A Piece Of Ray Rice

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L.A. Temptations running back Carmen Borseau issued Ray Rice a challenge and called him a 'f*cking coward' in this amusing PR stunt.

#Ray Rice

Ray Rice Is Also Being Kicked Out Of ‘Madden 15′

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EA will patch Madden '15 to remove all traces of garbage human being Ray Rice, and Madden GIFerator is a sh*tstorm right now.

#Ray Rice

Ray Rice’s Wife, Janay, Releases A Statement Blaming The Media For Causing Her Family Pain

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Here's Janay Rice's statement on her husband and his dismissal from the team, among other things.

#Ray Rice

The NFL Never Saw The Brutal Ray Rice Elevator Video Because They Avoided It Like The Plague

By | 25 Comments

A new report says the NFL knew about the Ray Rice elevator video but willfully avoided watching it.


The Kid Who Cried When Steve Smith Left The Panthers Got A Special Surprise From 'Good Morning America'

By | 19 Comments

'Good Morning America' rewarded the young boy who cried over Steve Smith by having him and his family on for a very special and predictable surprise.


The Sad, Lonely And Ridiculously Valuable Story Of A Championship Ring

By | 8 Comments

At least a dozen championship rings went up for sale today on an auction website, each one likely with a story as sad as some others from previous years.


Your NFL Recap, Week 14: Crazy Endings And A Ton Of Snow

By | 39 Comments

Snow didn't ruin games on Sunday. It only made them 100x better.

Washington Redskins

Open Thread: Thanksgiving Day NFL Games

By | 31 Comments

Join us for all of the games on Turkey Day.


With Leather Interview: Joe Flacco Raps With Us About Trick Shots, Blackouts, Grimace And Mighty Wings

By | 11 Comments

Baltimore Ravens QB Joe Flacco gave us some insight into his new McDonald's Mighty Wings campaign and the trick shot ad with Colin Kaepernick.

#jimmy fallon

With Leather’s Watch This: Jimmy Fallon’s Puppies Predicted That Broncos Slaughter

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I’m sure many of you are already either celebrating with your feet up or licking your deep, infected wounds over Peyton Manning’s absurd performance last night, 7 TDs and 462 yards is about the most absurd fantasy stat line that I can think of for a QB.


Stacy Keibler Is Doing Spokesperson Work For Charmin, Because Her Entire Life Revolves Around Her Butt

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Former WWE Diva Stacy Keibler helped open a bunch of Charmin-themed restrooms at yesterday's Ravens/Broncos game in Denver, because her career is "ass."


Elvis Dumervil Leaves Broncos For Baltimore Ravens, Agrees To Five-Year Deal

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One of the dumbest sports stories we've heard in a while ended with fans of the Baltimore Ravens smiling.


Bill Walton Just Said, 'F*ck It' Last Night

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Yesterday, Deadspin reported that <a href="http://deadspin.com/espn-suspends-bill-simmons-from-twitter-after-em-first-453717304?utm_campaign=socialflow_deadspin_twitter&utm_source=deadspin_twitter&utm_medium=socialflow">ESPN’s golden child and father of Grantland, Bill Simmons, had been unusually silent on Twitter for the past two days</a>, and it turned out that the Worldwide Leader has placed a gag order on him after he criticized First Take’s <a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HkPUj30GpPs">horrible debate segment between Skip Bayless and Seattle Seahawks DB Richard Sherman</a>.


Everyone In San Francisco Gets Free Pudding Because The 49ers Lost The Super Bowl

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There was plenty for San Francisco 49ers fans to be bummed about in Super Bowl 47, from Colin Kaepernick throwing the first interception in the team’s glorious Super Bowl history to the team losing its first Super Bowl in six appearances to the questionable no-call on the possible holding on their 4th down play to the Ravens seemingly being offside on the 49ers’ 2-point conversion attempt that would have tied the game to not having Huey Lewis and the News involved at all.

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