bill brasky

Sh*t You Guys, A Real Life Version Of Bill Brasky Has Passed Away

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Raymond Alan 'Big Al' Brownley of Pittsburgh WAS the real life Bill Brasky, and although we never knew him, let us honor his memory.


One Former Cast Member Is Not Happy ‘SNL’ Did ‘Bill Brasky’ Without Him

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Tim Meadows probably won't be appearing on "SNL" any time soon.


That Son-Of-A-Bitch Bill Brasky Made His Epic Return To ‘SNL’

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Best damn salesman in the country, that Brasky is.

zac efron


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Matt Perry has signed on to play a grown-up version of anime character Zac Efron in 17, a script written by the guy who wrote Bringing Down the House and, according to IMDB, an upcoming movie called Gangsta M.

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