A Christian Blogger Vows To Stop Wearing Yoga Pants So She Won’t ‘Entice’ Men

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To please her man and her god, a Christian blogger will no longer wear yoga pants.


Here’s The Trailer For The Documentary About Blogging You’ve All Been Waiting For

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What is blogging? Who are bloggers? What planet are we on? This doc answers all of those questions!


The Blogger Who Leaked ‘Chinese Democracy’ Wrote 8,000 Words Explaining How He Did It

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Everything you wanted to know about "Chinese Democracy," and thousands of words more.


Greg Daniels Gave A ‘The Office’ Superfan A Speaking Role In The Series Finale

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How great would it be to have a speaking role in the finale of your favorite show? Well, 'The Office' superfan Jennie Tan knows how great it is!


A CBS Blogger Pissed Off The Internet By Asking If This Thunder Dancer Is ‘Too Chunky’

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I don’t know why Anna-Megan Raley blogs for CBS Houston under the name Claire Crawford, but after last week, I assume it’s because it allowed her to get away with writing incendiary click bait with headlines like, “Is This Girl ‘Too Chunky’ To Be An OKC Thunder Cheerleader.

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Report: Perez Hilton Had A Baby, Is A Super Nice, Chill Bro Now

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Ultimate internet mean girl Perez Hilton would like everyone to know that he's a changed man. He is also a father now. Oh yes.


When Life Hands You Lemons, Become A Blogger


Today's featured links, including a piranha used as scissors, life literally handing you lemons, and sound advice from Cosmo Kramer.


No, You’re Not a Journalist Just Because You Say You Are

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We usually take the side of the Internet when some blogger gets sued out of existence, but sometimes, the blogger is a total moron.


Add A Mini-Fridge To This Steampunk Computer Crapper And We’ll Never Have To Get Up Again

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(click to enlarge) The glorious invention above is called "Steampunk Time Machine Antique Master Bathroom Computer Workstation", which is mostly true.


This Week In Review: Let Us Take You On A Warm And Fuzzy Internet Journey


I have only one rule for this week's review - no Charlie Sheen.


Wanted: Bloggers

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The TSS Crew is looking for three to four new members to help insure that the Fresh stays respectable around these parts by assisting with daily updates.

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