Watch This Soccer Player’s Errant Shot Drill A Poor Kid In The Head

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Oh man, can somebody please yell head's up next time. Jeez.


Tim Tebow Got Rejected By Kacey Musgraves At The ‘Country Music Awards’ And It Was Hilariously Awkward

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Oh Tim Tebow. You gotta feel sorry for this guy after this awkward moment at the CMAs.

Mikhail Prokhorov video

Jason Kidd Got Served By His Former Boss, Nets Owner Mikhail Prokhorov


Jason Kidd's former boss, Mikhail Prokhorov, laid the smackdown on his candy ass.


Watch This Rapper Get Blown Into The Harbor During A Super Windy Photoshoot

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On the plus side, maybe someday he'll be able to look back and laugh? After he gets the stitches out anyway.


Please Enjoy This Amazing Offside Penalty On A Field Goal Attempt

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Is this the best offside you've ever seen? You bet it is.

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Did NBC Accidentally Cut To A Weatherman Peeing In The Woods?

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Is this Mike Seidel peeing on NBC News? Because it certainly looks like it.

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Watch This Kid Almost Kill Himself In A Weightlifting-Gone-Wrong Training Session

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This goes without saying but if you don't know how to lift weights, don't do it.


Here Are The Best Football Vines And GIFs From The Weekend

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Here are the best and worst highlights from college football and the NFL.


An 8-Year-Old (And His Team) Were Fined $500 For Breaking A Pee Wee League’s Mercy Rule

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This 8-year-old's parents had to fork over some serious cash after their son broke the mercy rule.


Can Someone Please Use This Onside Kick In The NFL?

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Someone needs to try this onside kick ASAP.


Yeah, This Might Be Pass Interference On The Buffalo Bills


I'm not a football expert per se, but I'm pretty sure this is pass interference on the Bills.


DeAndre Hopkins Gave Up On Life At The End Of Last Night’s Game

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Does DeAndre Hopkins even care at this point? Because this clip suggests he doesn't.

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Nobody Has Ever Tackled Worse Than This High School Team

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This is both an amazing highlight and an amazing blooper, depending on what team you're rooting for.


Here Are The Best Football Vines And GIFs From The Weekend

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Here's your Week 5 installment of the best football Vines and GIFs from the weekend.


Please Enjoy This GIF Of A Buffalo Bills Player Hitting His Coach In The Head

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Things you shouldn't do during a football game? Elbow your coach in the head.

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