A Look Behind The Awesome Tribute To ‘Bullitt’ On This Week’s ‘Archer’

By | 25 Comments

The artists behind 'Archer' included an homage to the 1968 crime thriller 'Bullitt' in this week's episode, 'The Kanes.'

Police Chases

Watch This Unbelievable LA Car Chase That Plays Out Like ‘Grand Theft Auto’ In Real Life

By | 23 Comments

This wild car chase involved two carjackings, a high speed pursuit, and an armed suspect that was brazen until the end.


Check Out The Latest Insanely Bad Ass Russian Dash Cam Car Chase

By | 9 Comments

A Russian dash cam video reveals that a 'tough guy' with road rage got a little more than he bargained for when his opponent finally fought back.


Fox News Apologizes For Airing A Suicide Live On The Air

By | 13 Comments

Whoever was in charge of the 5-second delay is surely getting flogged with wet bamboo by Shep Smith at this very moment.


Suspected Creep Catches Sick Air

By | 17 Comments

Kip Arnold, a teacher suspected of an inappropriate relationship with a student, drove his car off the highway after a high-speed chase

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