Watch These Two Men Hunt Some Brazen Motorcycle Thieves In A Dangerous High-Speed Chase

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If you catch someone stealing your motorcycle or some other vehicle, your first thought is usually to go stop them and then call the police. Nine times out of ten it’s probably a repo man, but every now and then it’s a real robbery, with real thieves. That’s what happened in this video apparently, except our two victims decided their best course of action was to give chase to the thieves. This was all caught on dash cam, of course, and led to some of the high-speed craziness you see in the video above.

Not only do our “heroes” bust down the highway at high speeds to catch up to the thieves, they’re plowing through red lights and yelling at the police dispatch on the phone at the same time. Once they catch up to the truck carrying the stolen bike, it does a u-turn and begins to lead them on a twisting chase that ends up with a few near misses with traffic, some parked car collisions, one Carl’s Jr. detour, and a flat tire that begins to spit sparks like some sort of drunken dragon.

The end of the video shows the aftermath on the trailer and notes that the bike was heavily damaged, but I would say that everyone in the video is lucky that someone didn’t get killed. Obviously you don’t want your property stolen, but it might not be worth it if you end up wrecking it, hurting yourself, or hurting someone else in the process.

Not to mention that cornering the thieves in that lot might’ve ended a lot more poorly if they decided not to run in the end. It was an exciting video, but there’s a lot of poor judgment going on too (like a Champagne colored car).

(Via Ricky Von Ricky)

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