Meet Oreo, The Cat That Is Changing The Way That We Play Ping Pong


Here is a video of a cat named Oreo jumping around on a ping pong table. It's the best thing you'll watch today.

We Built This City

Having A Bad Day? This Little Girl And Her Cat Singing ‘We Built This City’ Might Help Out


Cat videos, cute kids and catchy pop music! This video has two out of three and that ain't bad!

Thomas Edison

Thomas Edison Recorded This Video Of Two Cats Boxing In 1894


In honor of National Cat Day, this video of two cats boxing, originally recorded by Thomas Edison in 1894, has been making its rounds again.


VIDEO: This is what happens when you put a thunder shirt on a cat


So a Thundershirt is this vest thing you put on your cat or dog that's supposed to comfort it so it doesn't get freaked out during thunderstorms.


This Video Of Zen Cats Is The Greatest Video Aaron Paul Has Ever Seen

It's Friday. And Aaron Paul would like for you to watch "the greatest video that I have ever seen." Everyone needs zen cats in their life.


Why Wouldn’t There Be A Festival Devoted To Internet Cat Videos?


Last year, more than 10,000 people attended the first ever Cat Video Festival, a massive celebration of some of the Internet’s most insanely popular cat videos by the nation’s presumably loneliest people.


The Most Popular New Year’s Resolutions, As Demonstrated By Cats

FYI, my sole New Year's resolution for 2013 is to post for cat videos to UPROXX, so this gets me off to a great start!


This Cat Really Likes Being In This Box

I wished I liked anything as much as this cat likes this box. It just refuses to be denied.


This Cat Has A Lot On Its Mind, Man

Everybody's got a spot, a place to go when you need to work stuff out. A place for thinking. This cat has a spot. And he's totally working it.

dubstep cat

Cat With Bad Taste Loves Dubstep


In fairness to dubstep, this sounds to me a little more like electro house or something like that than it does dubstep.

#Star Wars

Because It's Leap Day, Here's A Video Of A Cat Being Totally Mesmerized By 'Star Wars'

I don't really have a viable connection to make between this video and the fact that it's Leap Day.

slow news days

Cat Utterly Spellbound By Automobile Travel

Look, I typically do everything in my power to resist posting cat videos here as stand-alone posts, but it's a molasses-slow news morning after a long holiday weekend and this made me giggle righteously as the look on this cat's face reminds me of the look I had on my face the first time I saw a donkey show in Mexico.

#Mad Men

Catvertising Is The New Advertising

"We're seeing a shift in consumer habits.

talking animals

No no no cat, chillin’ guinea pig, and morning links


No No No Cat has already been everywhere, so there's a good chance you've already seen it, but if not, here it is.


Extremely Comfortable And Intolerably Cute

I don't care how dark your heart is, there's no way you can watch this cat hugging her kitten and not go, "AWWW.


Cat Vs. Cigarette Police

Now-dead tobacco industry pawn Senator Jesse Helms once said, "I was with some Vietnamese recently, and some of them were smoking two cigarettes at the same time.

kitten vs tennis ball

Kitten Vs Tennis Ball

This would be funny as hell even without music, because a playful kitten + a tennis ball = HILARITY.

cat videos

Cat Vs. Head-Touchy Owner

"Okay, please don't touch my head like that.

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