This Guy Made The Most Beautiful Video Of Him Climbing A Mountain With His Blind Cat

Patrick Corr, the man who shot this video, recently moved away from home while saving to buy a new house. As a result, his blind cat Stevie doesn’t get out as much as she used to. So, Patrick recently took Stevie on an adventure, and the two climbed a mountain together. Because of her condition, Stevie had to be led on a leash, but she didn’t seem to mind as she took in the terrain, smells, and tastes.

This glimpse into their day is a beautiful testament to human-animal friendship, as the video says that “even though, sometimes, it feels like you’re going uphill, you have to keep going.” It’s not often that you watch YouTube videos that make you want to hug your cat afterward, but that’s exactly what this one will have you doing.* You can see more of Stevie’s adventures on Patrick’s Instagram account.

*My cat was sleeping when I tried to hug her, and I got smacked.