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This Profile Of Seltzer-Friedberg Basically Confirms Everything You Already Suspected

By | 33 Comments

Grantland's profile of parody movie directors Aaron Seltzer and Jason Friedberg basically confirms everything you already suspected about them.

celebrity profiles

The ‘Rolling Stone’ Profile Of Miley Cyrus Is Actually Quite…Good

By | 17 Comments

I had absolutely no intention of reading the Rolling Stone profile of Miley Cyrus. I swear I didn't. But I did and it's really good.

celebrity profiles

GQ’s Rick Ross Profile Is Absolutely Bonkers

By | 5 Comments

I really don't know how else else to say this to why even bother getting fancy with words: <a href="http://www.gq.com/entertainment/music/201109/rick-ross-interview-gq-october-2011">GQ's profile of Rick Ross in its new issue</a> is the most stunningly WTF.

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