Far Cry 4

‘Far Cry 4′ Gets Weird With Its ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ Style Live-Action Trailers


Miss full motion video in games? Ubisoft is bringing it back for a 'Far Cry 4' trailer.


Neil Patrick Harris And David Burtka Reenacted The Meatball Scene From ‘Lady And The Tramp’


In a trailer for his upcoming autobiography, Neil Patrick Harris recreated the classic meatball scene with his husband, David Burtka.


Neil Patrick Harris’s Autobiography Will Be A Choose Your Own Adventure

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Taking the autobiography to a new level, Neil Patrick Harris will allow readers to determine how his life turns out in a classic format.


The ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ Movie Gets Major Talent

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Yes, a 'Choose Your Own Adventure' movie is coming, but at least it'll have a decent script.

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‘Dead Rising 3′ Has A Blood-Soaked ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ Trailer


They probably wouldn't stock the 'Dead Rising 3' Choose Your Own Adventure book in your elementary school library...


A ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ Movie Makes No Sense But It’s Happening Anyway

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Fox paid at between $1 and $10 million for the rights to adapt the 'Choose Your Own Adventure' books as a "crossplatform four-quadrant action-adventure franchise."

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‘Dishonored’ Is Like A Choose Your Own Adventure Book (Just With A Lot More Arterial Spray)

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One of the big focuses of Bethesda's upcoming steampunk, neo-Victorian neck stabbing sim Dishonored, is giving the player options. The latest Dishonored trailer demonstrates this by showing three very different methods of escaping a tough spot...


'You Chose Wrong' Catalogs Every Possible Way To Die In 'Choose Your Own Adventure' Books

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"You Chose Wrong" is the single-serving Tumblr by Andrew Weiss which catalogs every way you can die in "Choose Your Own Adventure" books.

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'Mad Men': The 8-Bit Choose Your Own Adventure Game

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"Mad Men" is coming back this Sunday, so the Internet is currently flooded with news and content related to the show (most notably, Jon Hamm's war on the Kardashians).

SMKA Productions

Rockwell Knuckles – “Hell Is Repetition”

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Rockwell Knuckles has the potential to be the next artist to breakthrough into the mainstream in a major way.

Trackstar The DJ

TSS, 2DopeBoyz & Trackstar The DJ Present Rockwell Knuckles – Choose Your Own Adventure

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Artwork by Tech Supreme Prepare yourself for an out of body, inner soul experience of a lifetime.

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Rockwell & Tef Poe Are Bad Guys

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"Poe & Rocky callin shots like we were playing pool, St.

Trackstart The DJ

Rockwell Knuckles – “Flow So Cold”

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"Keep a brainiac on payroll/to watch for the Dave Kleifelds & Fredos that get ya' hit.

Trackstar The DJ

Rockwell Knuckles – “Precaution”

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Really, trying to put into words what I heard when I listened to this track by Rockwell Knuckles was tough.

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