H. Jon Benjamin Live-Tweeted The Season Premiere Of ‘Archer’ With A Special Guest

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The voice of Sterling Archer welcomed a special guest into his home for the Season 6 premiere of 'Archer,' and then things got weird.


The A To Z Guide To The Celebrity Voices Selling Us Every Product On Earth

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You may not always recognize them, but plenty of our favorite celebrities' voices are pushing products from cars to insurance.

Summer Glau

Who’s The Bigger TV Show Killer: Christian Slater Or Summer Glau?

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Do not cast Christian Slater or Summer Glau in your TV show. It won't last.


The Best Of Last Night's 'Archer': Christian Slater, Classic Randos, And The Hunt For Red Kriegtober

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Let's discuss last night's Archer and what you'd ask Houdini if you met him.


The Stars Of ‘Nymphomaniac’ Faked Their Orgasms For Some New Movie Posters

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The promotional campaign for Lars von Trier’s 5-hour porno-comedy Nymphomaniac continues today with a series of new posters that feature the film’s stars showing off their best orgasm faces.

Winona Ryder

Bad News, People In 1988: Bravo Isn’t Making A ‘Heathers’ TV Series

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Twenty-five years after the movie was in theaters, Bravo considered a TV series based on Heathers but ultimately decided against it.

Tony Hawk

73 Sports Movies In 73 Days: ‘Gleaming The Cube’

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I considered two 1980s skateboarding movies when I was originally putting together my list of 73 Sports Movies in 73, and it was very difficult to decide between the 1986 love story, Thrashin’, and the 1989 suspense, Gleaming the Cube.


‘Stranded’ Packs A Lot Of ’90s Cliches Into One Trailer

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'Stranded' may actually be a genre movie from the early '90s. We're actually uncertain.


Hard-On Harry Can't Catch a Break: Fox Yanks 'Breaking In.' Again.

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Last year, Fox debuted Christian Slater's private security sitcom, "Breaking In," at mid-season, and the show was actually pretty great.


Christian Slater, Gary Oldman, & Dane Cook to star in ‘Wait, what?’

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Gary Oldman, Christian Slater, and Dane Cook are set to topline "a stylized crime thriller" from writer-director Michael Winnick that was apparently cast by the Family Guy manatees.


Baron Davis Cameo On “The Forgotten”

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Don't worry, I've never seen an episode of ABC's new drama, "The Forgotten," either.

#christopher walken


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In the past I know I’ve called Maxim nipple-free Playboy for stupid people, and I thought naming Sarah Jessica Parker ‘Unsexiest Woman Alive’ was pretty third grade (and that’s coming from me), but I’ve got to give it up to them for their article on the 15th anniversary of True Romance.



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The Friday Afternoon Free For All is the time of the week when I post random movie clips with no relation to anything for no reason at all.



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Watch the Ten Commandments trailer hereThis is the trailer for the new animated feature The Ten Commandments starring the voices of Ben Kingsley, Alfred Molina, and Christian Slater.



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Watch the trailer hereAnthony Hopkins wrote, directed, scored and stars in Slipstream, "about a man, who's caught in a slipstream of time falling back on itself and he remembers his own future.

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