Rami Malek Weighs In On Whether Season 4 Of ‘Mr. Robot’ Will Be Its Last

USA Network

Just a few days after Mr. Robot himself, Christian Slater, revealed that the upcoming fourth season of the acclaimed USA Network series “will be the last season,” his co-star, Rami Malek, has weighed in on the matter. Speaking with Collider, the Emmy-winning actor and future Freddie Mercury refrained from confirming or denying Slater’s comments about the future of creator Sam Esmail’s show. However, his comments did lend more credence to the notion that season four, or a potential season five, would likely bring Mr. Robot to a robust conclusion.

“I’ve heard rumors, back and forth, to be quite honest,” Malek admitted when asked about the prospect. When the interviewed noted that Esmail had previously indicated the series would likely end with a fourth or fifth season, however, the actor didn’t seem all that surprised:

“Yeah, he’s always said maybe four or five, and that is still pending in his head. I’ll tell you that I’m sure the studio would love to see it go for as long as it could, but he’s restrained. He’s got a story to tell, so I’m all for whatever he wants to do. He’s a very brilliant human being.”

Judging by Malek and Esmail’s continued creative partnership beyond Mr. Robot, which includes an upcoming movie about an undercover Muslim FBI agent, it seems the actor truly is “all for whatever [the showrunner] wants to do.” No word yet on when the show’s next (and possibly last) season is set to premiere on USA Network, however.

(Via Collider)