About The Time Stanley Kubrick Stiffed Gene Kelly On His Song Rights For ‘A Clockwork Orange’

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Kubrick never paid Kelly for rights to 'Singin' in the Rain,' played in 'A Clockwork Orange'

Happy Meals

These TV- And Movie-Themed Happy Meals Will Make You Wish McDonald’s Was Cooler

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Designer Newt Clements has been creating these awesome Happy Meal designs for a while, and people are taking notice now thanks to a joke.


15 Exceptionally Haunting Movie Cinemagraphs

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About a month ago I scoured the internet for every pop culture cinemagraph I could find only to be informed -- much to my chagrin -- by commenters that a Tumblr completely dedicated to movie cinemagraphs, IWDRM, already exists and has compiled quite the impressive collection.


Read More Movies Campaign Targets ‘Not As Good As The Book’ Crowd

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I ashamedly admit I am one of those people who reads a book because it's being made into a movie.

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