These TV- And Movie-Themed Happy Meals Will Make You Wish McDonald’s Was Cooler

It wouldn’t be a complete week for the Internet if people weren’t instantly outraged by a picture of something that was most definitely photoshopped. The latest misunderstanding and faux-outrage came courtesy of Amy Bruni from SyFy’s Ghost Hunters, as she shared an image of a McDonald’s Happy Meal decorated as a Ouija Board on Facebook and joked that the fast food chain was getting into the Halloween spirit with the controversial board game that will soon be released as a terrible movie. People didn’t know that the image had actually been created by a graphic artist named Newt Clements, who has been posting his own pop culture Happy Meals on Pinterest for more than a year, but they still reacted with outrage and even death threats toward Bruni, because – let’s say it all together now – people are idiots.

But instead of pointing and laughing at the idiocy of random strangers on the Internet, let’s take a moment to celebrate this awesome series that Clements has created. Then, when we’re done celebrating, let’s get really, really upset and stomp our feet like children over the fact that these awesome TV and movie Happy Meals don’t exist. Well, except for the Breaking Bad version, because people have already found heroin in their Happy meals before, so a bag of meth probably wouldn’t be out of the question.

(H/T to Short List)