Check Out The Hard As Nails ‘Sons Of Anarchy’ Cold Open For ‘Conan’

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The cast of 'Sons Of Anarchy' is on 'Conan' tonight and in honor of their appearance, the talk show host hit the open road.

#Orange Is The New Black

Check Out Conan’s Spectacular ‘Orange Is The New Black’ Cold Open

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Conan had the cast of 'Orange Is The New Black' on his show and produced the perfect cold open for the occasion.


Conan Went All Out In This Fantastic Cold Open For His ‘The Walking Dead’ Extravaganza

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This 'Walking Dead' cold open from 'Conan' has to be one of the greatest things we've seen from late night television. Watch and enjoy.


The 20 Best Cold Opens from 'The Office'

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The thing about "The Office" is that, even as the overall quality of the show continues to decline, the Cold Opens are consistently great.

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