‘2 Broke Girls’ Offended Australians With An Aboriginal Australians Joke

By | 26 Comments

What a surprise, '2 Broke Girls' said something mean and offensive and people are upset about it.


Hundreds Of Boring People Complained To BBC About Rita Ora’s Boobs

By | 30 Comments

Brits aren't ready to see Rita Ora's boobs, apparently.


Ben & Jerry’s Will Not Rename Their ‘Hazed And Confused’ Ice Cream

By | 25 Comments

Despite complaints and calls for a change, Ben & Jerry's will not be changing the name of their Hazed & Confused ice cream.

You're Fired

The Internet Is Rallying To Save A Park Ranger Fired For Dancing On The Job

By | 12 Comments

People are really upset that a park ranger in Chattanooga was reportedly fired after a woman complained that he was dancing on the job.


So The Internet Is Furious With YouTube’s New Commenting System

By | 14 Comments

The Internet is furious with recent commenting changes as YouTube attempts to clean up its online act.


Here Is The Best iPhone Line Complaint You’ll Read Today

By | 10 Comments

The iPhone is so ubiquitous, people who hate iPhone lines are using it to complain about them.

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