Olivia Munn says Brett Ratner masturbated to her while eating shrimp

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Folks, we're about to go deep down a douche rabbit hole here, so fair warning.


Eddie Murphy in Talks to Host This Year’s Ratner-Produced Oscars

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A few weeks ago, I brought you the news that Rush Hour/Money Talks director Brett Ratner* will be producing this year's Oscars telecast.


Brett Ratner to Crotch Fondle the Oscars – NACHOS FOR EVERYONE!

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Brett Ratner has been hired to co-produce this year's Oscars telecast, and the first article I read about it fittingly had the headline "Brett Ratner is Ready for Your Jokes.


Brett Ratner finally made a movie about a black guy yelling inside a car

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Going against his normal strategy of staying attached to a project just long enough to impress people at a Jonas Brothers concert, Brett Ratner has actually directed a movie.


Was Brett Ratner gloating about X-Men?

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X-Men: First Class grossed $56 million over the weekend, which is ridiculously good for the average film, but still the worst opening of any of the X-Men films.


Oh thank God. Eddie Murphy joins Brett Ratner movie.

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I feel like I'm sweating red bulls and fondling my crotch to the beat of house music today, because Brett Ratner's hot new project just got more hotter.


Brett Ratner & Courtney Love are crotch-fondle buddies

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Here's a picture of Courtney Love and Brett Ratner last night at the premiere of Money Never Sleeps (Wall Street 2) in New York.


Brett Ratner to fondle bomb Ben Stiller in ‘Tower Heist’

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Seeing Ben Stiller get puked on and rehash decade-old jokes in the Little Fockers trailer was pretty sad.


Brett Ratner is a lady-man. Er, lady’s man.

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It's pretty obvious that any sexy lady would want to get her lady parts fondle bombed by the Rat man.


Will Little Red Riding Hood bang a wolf now too?

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Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke's next project is a "gothic horror reimagining" of Little Red Riding Hood (Red Riding Hood) starring Amanda Seyfried, Julie Christie, Gary Oldman, and the recently cast Lukas Haas.


Marvel getting into the short-films market?

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A while back, CHUD reported that Marvel was meeting with directors about smaller-scale movie adaptations of some of their second-tier characters (Really.


Knight & Day’s Orwellian ads fail to convince public

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It hasn't ended up online yet, but if you've been watching the NBA finals or the World Cup at all in the last few days, you've probably seen the new commercial for Knight and Day that prominently features quotes calling it "FRESH" and "ORIGINAL," and painting it as the island of creativity in a sea of remakes and sequels.

The Hobbit

Peter Jackson may protect Hobbits from Ratner’s crotch fondlebomb

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WB and MGM are the studios making The Hobbit, and aside from not actually having greenlit it and recently losing the director, everything is going fine.

Oil Spill

Kevin Costner solves the oil spill, forgiven for ‘The Postman’

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(You thought I was going to say 'Waterworld', didn't you.


It’s official: Tom Cruise to star in White Men Can’t Fatsuit

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Paramount has confirmed what we basically already knew, that they're making a movie out of Tom Cruise's Les Grossman character.

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