Brett Ratner finally made a movie about a black guy yelling inside a car

Going against his normal strategy of staying attached to a project just long enough to impress people at a Jonas Brothers concert, Brett Ratner has actually directed a movie. Tower Heist stars Ben Stiller as the manager of a luxury apartment complex, where in the penthouse lives a rich investor played by Alan Alda. When Stiller and the rest of the apartment staff discover that Alda is a scam artist who’s lost all their money in a Ponzi scheme (TOPICAL!), he leads the plucky crew of knockaround schlubs that includes Precious and Casey Affleck in a heist to steal back their money (because Jamaican house cleaners always have plenty of disposable income to invest with Wall Street guys, didn’t you know?). The story of a dorky Jewish guy proving how down with the brother man he is really spoke to Ratner, but to give it the full nachos-stained crotch fondle, he brought on Eddie Murphy as the criminal consultant to give it that quintessential Brett Ratner scene, an interracial buddy duo arguing in a car. Will they argue about the radio? Soul food? Boxing? I can’t wait to find out!

And there’s really loud music playing over the whole thing, because Brett Ratner movies are essentially the conversation you have at a club, where the content doesn’t matter as long as there’s enough background noise to convince stupid people they’re having fun. NTZ NTZ NTZ NTZ NTZ NTZ…

[via Yahoo, opens November 4th]